AnimatedCamera Methods

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This page contains a table with all methods of CAnimatedCameraEntiy. Use the following syntax to include it on another page:

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CAnimatedCameraEntity Methods
Name Parameters Return Data Type Description
Name Data Type
SEd4.0 only
AnimName IDENT void Adds an animation to the Camera.
DisableUserBreak - void Disables the the user to stop a Camera animation cutscene.
EnableUserBreak - void Enables the user to stop a Camera animation cutscene.
GetAnimationLength AnimName IDENT FLOAT Returns length of given anmimation in FLOAT format.
SEd4.0 only
- FLOAT Returns the default FOV setting in degrees.
GetDefaultPlacement - QuatVect Returns default position and orientation of the Camera in QuatVect format.
LastAnimationWasInterrupted - BOOL Returns 1 if the last Camera animation was interrupted.
PlayAnimWait AnimName IDENT LatentFuncID Starts Camera with specified animation and waits until animation is finished.
SetCurrent - void Sets current Camera.
SetDefaultPlacement Default QuatVect void Sets default position and orientation of the Camera to the specied QuatVect values.
StartWait AutoStopTime FLOAT void Activates the Camera and stops it after specified amount of seconds.
Stop - void Stops the camera.