Backdrop Configurator

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The backdrop configurator, also known as configure backdrop tool, allows for editing of size and textures of backdrop images. The parameters of the backdrop images can be edited in the Tools panel.

Keyboard Shortcut: ;

Viewport Editing

Position and size of the backdrop box can be edited by dragging the backdrop box guide handles with LMB.png.

Tools Panel Editing

While the background configurator is active the Tools panel provides the following options:

Screenshot of Tools panel with background configurator active, Serious Editor 4.0.
Right side texture, Top side texture, Back side texture
Texture resources to display on the backdrop box.
Backdrop box side positions relative to the box center.
Box guide colors
Colors for the backdrop box guide in the viewport.
Box center
3D coordinates of the backdrop box center.
Box size
Box size data for each axis.
Box flags
Flags data to determine if edges, planes, and/or ellipsoid of the backdrop box guide are visible in the viewport.
Growth mode
To do: Add description.
Unlimited handle range
If backdrop box guide handles have unlimited range.