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The Chapter Info is basically the starting place in your level.

How to add and set one

  • Drop a Chapter Info entity to where you want the level to start.
  • Press N to open the list of all entities.
  • Select the WorldInfo entity (doubleclick). This can usually be found in the bottom of the list.
  • With the worldinfo entity now selected, press Alt+1 to open its properties.
  • Select the "first chapter" property. You will now need to link it to the Chapterinfo entity you placed.
  • To do this, highlight the property , then Ctrl+Alt + click on your Chapter Info.

Your level will now start from the chapterinfo entity you placed.

What's What?

Here's a lengthy and boring ,one by one explanation of each property you'll see in there.

  • "chapter description" For editing ease , you can type a short info in there, to remind you later on,what's what.

  • "next chapter" -I don't know if this is used in SE3. I will check it out- This is used to link one chapter to another, so that as the game progresses, players can spawn at the new Chapter Info, instead at the first one in the beginning, and have to walk all the way back.
    "Why is that useful , we all use quick saves , don't we ?"
    But when playing a map in Cooperative mode, you can't just save and load, if the "Respawn In Place" option is off, you'll respawn on the "Chapter Info" currently activated.

You can activate a chapter via script, or Trigger. -I assume-

  • "next level" Used when you want to make a level change.Just leave blank for now.Later I'll show you how to change from one level to another.

  • "auto fall down" this means that the player will spawn on the ground, even if the chapter info is in the air, if you want to make some dramatic fall on level start, you'll have to uncheck this option.

  • "parent part" unusable, for game play, but can be used for ease of editing.You can parent it to a model, and when you move that model, the marker will move along side with it.

  • The next 3 properties are limits, witch I have no idea why CroTeam put in there. They simply define how much stiff can spawn at once. I think that 10000 enemies spawning at once is enough, so you'll almost never have to modify these. If,though, you for some reason decide to do just that;
    "evil spawnees" means characters set to "evil"
    "good spawnees" means characters set to "good"
    And "Misc spawnees" means characters set to "Neutral", "Semi_Neutral" also Items, Weapons, Ammo, and Characters without a behavior, like Rides.

  • "cooperative portal marker" ... uh...

  • "added weapons" defines what weaponry the players will start with if they spawn on this marker.

  • "custom ammo" let's you define ammo for each weapon, on start. To add a setting,click on the Yellow + that will appear after expanding the property.An "Ammo Container" will appear , with it's default settings - 100 "Bullets".
    To change the ammo type, click where it seas "Bullets" , and select the ammo of your choice from the drop down list that has just appeared.And set it's Quantity from the "Quantity" property.

  • "ammo ratio" adds ammo, it's like a percentage of the max ammo for each weapon. 0 means 0 % and 1 means 100 %. For example you can have up to 50 rockets max for the Rocket Launcher, so an "ammo ratio" of 0.25 would result in starting with 12 rockets (25 % of 50). "ammo ratio" of 0.5 will give you 25 rockets (50 % of 50), and "ammo ratio" of 1 , will give you 100 % ammo, - 50 rockets.
    I suggest you use the "custom ammo" one, it's a lot easier.

  • "loose weapons" Simple this will remove the player's weapons, that he had collected from previous levels, just like how you lost all your cool guns , in "Ziggurat"

  • "health" Allows you to set the starting health.

  • "armor" Allows you to set the starting...guess what?.

  • "preferred weapon" when you chose a gun from this, it will be equipped when you start from this chapter. Like , if you chose the Colt, when the level starts, Sam will have his trusty Colt, even if he has a Cannon , and a few uranium filled cannon balls,in his back pocket.

  • "target" every entity has one, simply, the entity you target from this property will be triggered, when the player starts from this chapter.
    Some what unusable,Since every trigger has an "Auto Start" property.

  • "message" this will be the starting NETRICSA message.

  • "take weapons" like "take weapons" but this one let's you chose witch ones exactly, Sam'll loose for some reason.

  • "take ammo" guess.Will take ammo, what else.

  • "no reapawn in place" while this chapter in activated, even if the coop game allows that, players will be forced spawned on this chapter.Useful for battle chapters of your level.

  • "chapter" ...uh...

  • "spawn flags" don't touch that, unless you know what you're doing. "spawn flags" defines on what game modes will said entity spawn, or be active.
    For example, if you set only 'easy' on "Spawn flags" , the Chapter Info will only work , if the Game Difficulty is set to 'easy' , if any other difficulty is chosen, players won't spawn on this chapter,but since you can have only one active "Chapter Info", that's impossible.I just gave that as an example.

Important Note: Never uncheck the flags "Cooperative Game Type" and "SinglePlayer game Type" , on a "Chapter Info" entity.

  • "name" this gives a name to the marker, doesn't matter what you name it.Could be anything.You could even name them like your pet cat, if you want.

  • "parent" unusable, for game play, but can be used for ease of editing.You can parent it to a model, and when you move that model, the marker will move along side with it.

  • "platforms" like "spawn flags" , but this define on witch platforms the marker will appear, PC , Xenon , Cell (what ever that thing is).

And that's just about it. Now you know how to add a level start. Simple huh...