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Color control is used to edit the values of color data in property group panels.

Screenshot of color control.

It consists of five boxes that represent (from left to right)

  1. Hue
  2. Saturation,
  3. Brightness,
  4. Alpha channel, and
  5. Final result.

Values for hue, saturation, brightness, and alpha channel can be edited by pressing and holding LMB.png in the respective box and then dragging the mouse left and right. Changes are directly displayed in the final result box.

Alternatively, clicking with LMB.png in the final result box opens the Pick color Dialog which provides more options to edit color data.

With color control, color data values can also be copied to the clipboard and pasted from there to other color controls: Move your mouse over the color control you want to copy color data values from and press RMB.png. This opens a dropdown menu that provides copy and paste options.