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And send them to whoever you want. Also, if you would like your skin to be posted in the list below, just contact [[Asdolg]] and tell about that.
And send them to whoever you want. Also, if you would like your skin to be posted in the list above, just contact [[Asdolg]] and tell about that.
=See also:=
=See also:=

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Serious Editor supports recoloring almost every element of its interface. There are no official skins, however. Niether they are comfortable to switch. So on this page you can find instructions for installation and creation of custom Serious Editor color schemes.

Installing custom skin

Basically, all Serious Editor's colors settings are stored in two files: EngineGUI.prefs and Undefined.prefs. After you downloaded any custom skin archive, extract it somewhere, then put these two files into a following directory:


Info 16x16.png Note: If Undefined.prefs file is missing in downloaded archive, means that this skin does not touch script source editor coloring.
Warning 16x16.png Warning: Files which have to be replaced in order to install skin also contain information about your Recent Files, Favourites section and History for various datatypes. You may want to backup these.

Available skins

Download link
Example image
"Aquatic Darkness"
Asdolg Download
SkinExample AquaticDarkness.jpg
"Digital Technolize"
Asdolg Download
SkinExample DigitalTechnolize.jpg
"The Gray Skin"
LexMental Download
SkinExample TheGraySkin.png
Info 16x16.png Note: If you have created a custom skin and want to add it there, please contact Asdolg.

Barely visible cursor in script editor fix

If you are using a dark skin, you will encounter a problem of barely visible cursor while editing scripts. So there is a solution for that.

  1. Download File:DarkCursorFix.zip.
  2. Extract downloaded archive.
  3. Put Cursors.tga file into → Content/SeriousEditor/Gui/Default/Cursors.
  4. Restart Serious Editor.

Creating custom skin

Making your own skin can become bothersome, because many changes are not changed in real-time, and to see them you'll need to press OK to exit preferences. Also the good thing to do will be to press OK from time to time without reason, in order to not lose your work if something goes wrong and editor crashes.

Creating skin process

To start editing color scheme, open File => Preferences menu. Next, in preferences dialog, expand Skins section, then Custom, and click Colors. After that you will see a huge list of different color groups. Each color group contains some kind of color. Everything is named, so shouldn't be any problems.

Warning 16x16.png Warning: Do not edit colors under ColorGroup.Constants tab, they are technical thing.

When you are done with the GUI color, go to check script source editor. You will see that there nothing changed. That's because script source editor color scheme is stored in another place. Still in preferences dialog, go to Gui => Script. There you will find colors for scripting elements. And one more thing - text will have its own background, color of which is stored in Gui => Controls => Text Control. After going there, change Normal background color, Selected text background color and Similiar text background color.

Sharing custom skin

To share your awesome newly created skin, you need to pack the following files:


And send them to whoever you want. Also, if you would like your skin to be posted in the list above, just contact Asdolg and tell about that.

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