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Serious Editor is a powerful toolkit running on Serious Engine.
It has a number of various editors inside it. Unlike most modern editors, Serious Editor is pretty self-sufficient and does not necessarily requires 3rd party software usage. It has tools for editing models, animations, collisions, particle effects, materials, destructions and much more. That does not bound modders to using just Serious Editor - 3rd party software is welcome too, importing is supported. Therefore, it lets you control (almost) every step of creating content for the Serious Engine starting from creating a new world up to publishing content on the Steam workshop.

When modder's ideas are above default Serious Editor's tools, he can use expansive scripting system. Serious Engine uses Lua programming language for its scripts. It is even possible to make scripts for editor itself, in order to ease the workflow.


Heavily customized Serious Editor 2017

Serious Editor is created highly customizable. It is possible to create custom color schemes, change menu layouts, move GUI elements around, enable multi-monitor support. All of it can be achieved via preferences window.

On the example to the right, some heavy customization work was done. To list everything,

  • Editor color scheme was completely changed (check out custom editor skins page to take one).
  • Scripting window color scheme was changed as well (yes, this one is separate from common editor scheme).
  • Multi-monitor was enabled in preferences.
  • Console window moved up. This may seem inconvenient, but only matter of time to get used.
  • Databoard, Entity list, Script source editor, Debug config and Journal history windows were moved on another screen.

This might be an uneasy job for someone, but once it is done to one's tastes - workflow becomes easier.

Different Editors

As was said earlier, Serious Editor has various editors. Each has its own purpose in the process of creating content and provides user different tools to work with. In order to keep the layout of the editor organized and easy to navigate, Serious Editor has a fixed number of layout elements. Of these elements, viewport, property group and command bar group are special layout elements because parts of their contents depend on the currently active editor.

The active editor defines:

  • what data can be viewed and edited in the viewport
  • what extra settings are available in the viewport
  • what tools are available in the command bar group
  • what extra panels can be displayed in the property group

Info 16x16.png Note: Only one editor can be active at a time.

For these reasons, the currently active editor is the prior setting in Serious Editor.

Selecting an Editor

Screenshot of editor selection dropdown menu, Serious Editor 4.0

Editor that is currently active is displayed in the bottom left corner of the viewport. Clicking LMB.png on it opens a dropdown menu with all available editors.

Alternatively, the active editor can be changed with the keyboard shortcut E. In case the world editor is active, pressing E behaves depending on selected entity. For example, if a simple model is selected, pressing E will open Mesh Editor. For Camera - Animation Editor, for Door entity - Collision Editor, and so on.
Info 16x16.png Note: Another way to change from the world editor to another editor is by double-clicking LMB.png on an entity in the viewport.
In case the world editor is not active, pressing E activates the World editor.

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