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Enemy Priority

(All enemy names given as appear in Editor.)

Before we start making any battle , it's wise to understand how the player would react to enemies and in witch situations. Probably the most useful and unique (or at least was unique long ago) is the kamikaze. It's weak, it's puny, but it's unbelievably useful for many things, and combined with long ranged enemies , can be quite a bother.

The key thing is that you Must kill it, other enemies like that are the Gnarr, Marsh Hopper (ED name "Gizmo" ) , Cucurbito , Kleer , and of course the Werebull. Those I think of as being the highest in priority.

  • Using the kamikazes
    Action shot.

Kamikazes , of course , out rank every other enemies in danger and priority, because you can't dodge them by side stepping. Their only problem is that they tend to clump together, and explode all at once.Although a comical element, I prefer to avoid that. Usually that can be done with arranging the kamikaze attacks in small waves and setting them to spawn at a wide spawn area. Another idea with using kamikazes is to divide them. Have one team charge as soon as they spawn, and another that circles around the player. The other great usage of kamikazes is that they draw fire, I.E while you send out waves after waves of kamikazes, you can back them up with some Red Walkers, Reptolids , or Zorgs...you know those skinless things that Cro-Team made as if just to have something to use the flame thrower on. Speaking of flame throwers , one absolutely isn't something the player should have in a battle built on kamikazes or marsh hoppers.

  • Kleers , Marsh Hoppers (ED name "Gizmo" ) , Cucurbitos , and bulls.
    The rest of the gang.

Basically they also can be used to draw fire, and create tension on the field. As always divide them in attack teams, and never ever spawn them close to the player. And remember to back the up with tall , long ranged enemies.

Enemy Entry

Battle areas

Enemy Placement and Movement



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