Entity Pointer Control

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Screenshot with highlighted entity pointer controls of StaticModel, Serious Editor 4.0.

Entity pointer control is used to edit the value of entity pointer data in property group panels. The screenshot on the right highlights the properties of a StaticModel that are entity pointer data. As can be seen, data type ends with 'Properties *'. The '*' indicates that the data type is a pointer to the properties of another entity. This will prompt meta tree control to add the data of any selected entity for editing in the current display.

Adding an entity pointer value

In order to set the value of entity pointer data, first highlight the entity pointer data you want to edit in the property group panel by clicking on it with LMB.png. Then hold down Ctrl+Alt and select the entity you wish to point to by pressing LMB.png on it in the viewport.

Changing an entity pointer value

If you want entity pointer data to point to another entity, simply repeat the above steps and select another entity in the viewport.

Removing an entity pointer data

The value of entity pointer data is reset to nil by pressing LMB.png in the value field of the entity pointer data and selecting 'None' in the dropdown menu that opens.

StaticModel EntityPointerControls DDMenu.png
Info 16x16.png Note: The data type of entity pointer data restricts the group of valid values. For instance, CProbeLightProperties * obviously cannot point to any other entity than CProbeLightEntity.