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Most used entity in the game.

What's it For?

Behold, the "Fast Light" , so fast, that it can render complex soft

Fast Lights at Work.

shadow edges, in mere cycles. Ever wonder how the Road Runner renders his shadow ? He uses a fast light.

The Fast Light isn't all that complex,actually, nor does it render shadows in real time.It uses a sort of a shadow cube map, and projects it every where.And I mean every where. Sometimes even on the back side of models. So you gota watch out, when placing these. Note: Most of the light holder models ,CroTeam made , have a pre-set light, so you just need to add the model, and the fast light will come with it.

What's what

  • "fast light params" every thing you set from here.

  • "preview size" this sets the edit view size of the light's model. For ease of editing.

  • "parent part" If the model you are parenting , has more than one moving part, like a ragdoll, you set the name of witch bone to attach to , from here.

  • "animator" this is the animator input, if you want to make the light change color,or brightens, you use this property.

Note: It isn't assessable from the Light's properties. You add an "event animator" and paste it's settings there. See "event animator"

  • "spawn flags" don't touch that, unless you know what you're doing. "spawn flags" defines on what game modes will said entity spawn, or be active.

For example, if you set only 'easy' on "Spawn flags" , the Light will only work , if the Game Difficulty is set to 'easy' , if any other difficulty is chosen, the light won't ...light. This is useless for the "fast light".

  • "name" this gives a name to the Light, doesn't matter what you name it.Could be anything.

  • "parent" you can parent it to a model, and when you move that model, the light will move along side with it.

  • "platforms" like "spawn flags" , but this define on witch platforms the marker will appear, PC , Xenon , Cell (what ever that thing is).

Making your own one

Click on the field nest to "fast light params" , and add a new one.

You'll see a lota options.If you fought that, Sam keeping a 2 meter long chainsaw in his back pocket, next to his wallet, is absurd , you haven't seen what SE3 has in there .

  • "color" this is like a animation strip, if you want your fast light to flicker,glow,change color so on, you set the color values on here. TO add a "color stop" click some where on the field, then to change the stop's color double-click on it. Don't worry about blending your colors, the engine does that for you.

Note: Don't set really bright colors, othre wise you'll get blending problems.

  • "projector cubemap" complicated Sci-Fi mumble-jumbo . This is where you put the shadow cube map, there's some mysterious way to make your own, but I have yet to stumble upon it.

CroTeam's Shadow cubes , can be found in ...well all about.

  • "fall off" the range of the light, how far you want it to cast it's light.

  • "smoothness" This tells the light how to cast it's light, it will sort of extend it's range, with a smooth light glow.

  • "animation duration" This sets the time for one animation cycle , 1 means that it will take 1 second to pass from one end of the color map ("color") to the other.

  • "randomize animation" will add a bit of random variations in the colors.

  • "light source animation x/y/z" Used to animate the cube map shadow. It's a graph, so edit it like normal. You can make your shadow do anything, grow, shrink, flicker, like fire casts wiggly shadows.

  • "animation looping period /x/y/z" sets the time for the animation. 1 means that the graph will take 1 second to loop.

  • "shimmering start distance" used to set a start distance for the ^ shadow animations,"closer" shadow than the range defined here,will not get animated.

  • "animation type" sets how the animation is played.
"Looping" is used for torches, fires so on,
"Stop on end" is more useful for explosions.
"Dissapear on End" will do the same, but it will also remove it, if the light is called as a "projectile" one.

  • "Export to GI" said light,affect the GI (Global Illumination) baking, meaning, that the GI algorithm will include light coming from this entity,when doing it's magic.

  • "GI linear falloff: tihs will make the GI, use a more simple shadow algorithm when calculation light from this entity.

There you go, that's a simple explanation of each property, just play around, and I'm sure that you'll get some nice results. Light on!