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Editor model of CHazeEntity.

General information

Class: CHazeEntity

The Haze is an entity used to make different kinds of mist and fog.


Width (FLOAT)

Defines the width of the cubic effect range.

Height (FLOAT)

Defines the height of the cubic effect range.

Depth (FLOAT)

Defines the length of the cubic effect range.

Directions (CStaticArray)

Contains CHazeParams (may be not only one) which set up main haze entity parameters. For more information see Haze Parameters

Parent part (IDENT)

If the parent has more than one moving part this property defines which part the Haze is parented to.

Animator (CGenericAnimator)

Defines an entity pointer to a shared animator, usually an Event Animator.

Spawn flags (LFLAGS)

Defines in which difficulty levels and game types the Haze is spawned.

Name (CString)

Defines the name of the Haze.

Defines a entity pointer to the parent of the Haze.

Platforms (LFLAGS)

Defines on which platforms the Haze is spawned.

Entity ID (ULONG)

Displays the entity ID of the Haze.

Info 16x16.png Note: Entity ID cannot be edited.

Script Functions


Info 16x16.png Note: CHazeEntity does not have native methods.

CBaseEntity Methods
Name Parameters Return Data Type Description
Name Data Type
SEd3.5 or higher
DamageSource CString void To do: Add description
DamageType CString
WeaponIndex WeaponIndex
CharacterClass IDENT
Damage SLONG
SEd3.5 or higher
- void Enables ReceiveDamage script events (see below).
Warning 16x16.png Warning: This function disables native damage handling.
SEd4.0 only
Enabled BOOL void Enables the entity to become an auto move target.
GetAngularVelocity - Vector3f Returns angular velocity of the entity in Vector3f format.
GetAttachmentAbsolutePlacement Attachment IDENT QuatVect Returns placement of attachment in relation to World Spawn in QuatVect format.
GetAttachmentRelativePlacement Attachment IDENT QuatVect Returns placement of attachment in relation to entity in QuatVect format.
SEd3.5 or higher
- CString Returns classname in CString format.
GetLinearVelocity - Vector3f Returns linear velocity of entity in Vector3f format.
GetName - CString Returns the name of the entity in CString format.
GetParent Name IDENT Handle Returns a CBaseEntity handle of the parent of the entity.
GetPlacement - QuatVect Returns position and orientation of the entity in QuatVect format.
SEd3.5 or higher
- CWorld* To do: Add description
SEd3.5 or higher
- CWorldInfoEntity* To do: Add description
InflictDamage Amount SLONG void Inflicts damage to entity.
InflictDamageOfType Amount SLONG void Inflicts damage of a specified damage type to entity.
DamageType CString
SEd3.5 or higher
Target Handle void To do: Add description
Amount SLONG
Weapon IDENT
DamageType CString
SEd3.5 only
Amount SLONG void To do: Add description
Weapon IDENT
DamageType CString
IsDestroyed - BOOL Returns 1 if entity is destroyed.
SEd3.5 or higher
- BOOL Returns 1 if ReceiveDamageScriptEvent is enabled (see above).
SetAngularVelocity AngVelocity Vector3f void Sets angular velocity of entity to the specified Vector3f value.
SetLinearVelocity Velocity Vector3f void Sets the velocity of the entity to the specifed Vector3f values.
SetPlacement Placement QuatVect void Sets position and orientation of the entity to the specified QuatVect values.


Triggers when the Haze is destroyed.
EntityDeleted → SEd3.5 or higher
Triggers when the Haze is deleted.
ReceiveDamage → SEd3.5 or higher
Triggers when the Haze receives damage.
Info 16x16.png Note: This event requires enabling via EnableReceiveDamageScriptEvent method.

Other Information

  • Hardly recommended to set up Haze with start distance 10 or more. Fewer values doesn't look nice near the player.
  • Can be controlled using Event Animator.

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