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General documentation

Info 16x16.png Note: Articles specified below are mostly related to SED and won't work with common Lua.

  * Lua Coding Standards - description of the code standards used for writing Lua scripts
  * Lua World Scripts Docs - documentation related to writing world scripts in lua
  * Math Functions - documentation of Serious Engine math functions which are available from Lua
  * Lua Vectors and Quaternions - documentation of Vector3f, Quaternion4f and QuatVect manipulation from Lua scripts


  * Dynamic entity spawning - how to spawn entities from scripts
  * Damage filtering - how to filter damage through scripts
  * Custom HUD elements - how to create custom HUD elements and control them through scripts
  * Custom commands and bindings - how to create custom player commands and key bindings 

Lua documentation on

  * Lua 5.1 reference manual - very useful (if not mandatory) for everyday work with Lua
  * Book: Programming in lua 1st edition - nice book on Lua, although it is written for Lua 5.0 (there are small differences between current version 5.1)
  * Lua tutorial - short tutorials on Lua