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The measure tool provides

  • position data when clicking LMB.png in the viewport, and
  • distance data when clicking/holding LMB.png and dragging the mouse in the viewport.

It features a measure info box and an axes info box in the viewport. The parameters of these boxes can be edited in the Tools panel.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Q

Position Data: 3D Coordinates

Click LMB.png in the viewport to get 3D coordinates of the mouse hit point. Since the LMB.png click defines a line pointing into the viewport, the hit point is located where the line intersects (in that order)

  • a model, or
  • the x/z plane.

If the line intersects nothing the hit point is located on an imaginary sphere that

  • has the view origin as center, and
  • has the distance between view origin and view focus as radius.

Distance Data: 3D Distance

For 3D distance data between two hit points, click/hold LMB.png in the viewport to set the first hit point and drag the mouse to add/manipulate the second hit point.

Measure Info Box

While the measure tool is active the measure info box is displayed in the top left corner of the viewport. The information provided in this box depends on a setting in the Tools panel (see below):

Screenshot of Measure info box with default settings, Serious Editor 4.0.
Hit point (Default)
3D coordinates of last hit point.
Hit point bbox ratio
This data is only displayed when the hit point is inside a bounding box. Shows the location of the last hit point in the bounding box with edge size = 1 relative to model origin.
Eye distance (Default)
Distance from view origin to hit point. The 'along z' data in brackets is the distance along the view axis defined by view origin and view focus.
Distance 3D (Default)
Distance between two hit points and in brackets distance data for each world axis.
Angle to ZX
Angle between hit points line and x/z plane.
Angle to XY
Angle between hit points line and x/y plane.
Angle to YZ
Angle between hit points line and y/z plane.

Tools panel

While the measure tool is active the Tools panel provides the following options:

Screenshot of Tools panel with active Measure tool, Serious Editor 4.0.
Guide → Measure
Flags data that defines
  • what information is displayed in the measure info box, and
  • if distances are displayed in the viewport ('Dump distances in 3D').
Axis screen location
If and where the axes info box is displayed in the viewport.
Axis bcg filter
If the axes info box is displayed with a background filter.
Bottom dropdown menu