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Global Terms

These are terms you'll hear from almost any map developer.

  • " Cheap / Expensive " - Revers to CPU usage. I.E "Cheap" = little CPU usage to render the thing, and vice versa.

  • " Vista " - This is a word, Microsoft just patented it. It means "Large View" , I.E A crashed passenger plane, viewed from a high or other angles that reveal the entire thing.

  • " LOD " - Level Of Detail . These usually are with some distance,

the further the player gets from a model, LODs with less polygons get shown.

  • " CSG " - Constructive Solid Geometry , In SS's case it revers to model editing tools, that have yet to be fully implemented.

Normally it means how the game engine constructs the world. I.E a infinite solid block, from witch the level is carved out. (Serious Sam FE and SE (the originals) use CSG) -Games that use CSG - Unreal, Quake , Half-Life...

  • "Additive Solid Geometry " , the opposite of CSG , the world is an infinite empty space, and the level is made by adding solid models to it. (AKA Serious Sam 2 , HD )

-Games that use ASG - GTA San Andreas (not sure about the others)

/i "Is ASG correct?