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The other lights.

What's it for?

The Omni Light is basically...a light. Like a lamp, or anything that emits light from a single point. OR it can also be used for pre-baked GI (Global Illumination )ambient lights. The difference between a Fast Light and this one is that here you get shadows rendered in real-time. And that's why I would advise you to use 1 or 2 omni,shadow casting, lights max in a level/ visibility area. You see Serious Engine 3 uses a complex way of rendering real-time shadows, thus "Real Time Shadows = More CPU Usage". Most modern PCs can handle quite a few, but using Fast Lights is always advisable, even if you're on a 6 core super PC.

  • Using Omni Lights as GI(Global Illumination ) lights.

This is why you see omni lights everywhere in Cro-Team,their great usage comes from the ability to turn off their real time render option, and set them to only affect the GI lightning baking process. Simply add one and from it's "Light Type" set it to 'Light Map Only". It would seem as you broke it, but that's normal.Now bake the GI "Alt + G" and you'll see cheap light in a few seconds.

What's What

Here's a complete list of the Light's options and what they do.

  • "color" this is the color of the light,you can adjust color by clicking and holding on the rectangles. Each represents a color value. From Left to Right - color , saturation (colorful-nes),and brightens (the 4th one is alpha, but you don't need it here for obvious reasons).The last rectangle, will open the "Color Picker" window, upon clicking.

  • "color target for anim" When using an "Event Animator" with the light, this will determine the color of the omni.

  • "real lamp converter" This is a nifty neat little option , that let's you simulate actual lamps.

When you add one you get a pretty big list of lamp types. If you set it to "Custom Input" you can set your own efficiency from the "Custom efficacy" option.

  • "fall off" This is how far the light rays from the lamp will travel, loosing their power. Max. range is 1000.

  • "light type" This is used to tell the entity how to cast it's light.Instead of explaining each one , I'll just tell you what the terms you'll see in the selection box mean.
    • "dynamic" this is what casts dynamic shadows, this type of light, isn't pre-baked, it get's calculated on the spot.
    • "lightmap" this light will affect the GI (Global Illumination) baking, meaning, that the GI algorithm will include light coming from this entity,when doing it's magic. It isn't rendered real-time.

You should now be able to decipher the other 2 types, by your self.

  • "projector cubemap" complicated Sci-Fi mumble-jumbo . This is
Omni Lights can have projected shadows too

just like the one on the Fast Light, basically this let's you do "fast light + omni light" and get both's advantages , there's some mysterious way to make your own shadow cube maps, but I have yet to stumble upon it.

CroTeam's Shadow cubes , can be found in ...well all about.

"parent part" If the model you are parenting , has more than one moving part, like a ragdoll, you set the name of witch bone to attach to , from here.

  • "preview size" this sets the edit view size of the light's model. For ease of editing.

  • linear fall off (GI) I have no idea what this does, my guess is that this simplifies the algorithm GI uses to render this particular light.

  • "SS1 hot spot" This is used just for compatibility's sake. It has no real usage, or effects.

  • "animator" this is the animator input, if you want to make the light change color,or brightens, you use this property.

Note: It isn't assessable from the Light's properties. You add an "event animator" and paste it's settings there. See "event animator"

  • "spawn flags" don't touch that, unless you know what you're doing. "spawn flags" defines on what game modes will said entity spawn, or be active.

For example, if you set only 'easy' on "Spawn flags" , the Light will only work , if the Game Difficulty is set to 'easy' , if any other difficulty is chosen, the light won't ...light.

Note: This won't work with pre-baked lights.

  • "name" this gives a name to the Light, doesn't matter what you name it.Could be anything.

  • "parent" you can parent it to a model, and when you move that model, the light will move along side with it.

  • "platforms" like "spawn flags" , but this define on witch platforms the marker will appear, PC , Xenon , Cell (what ever that thing is).

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