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*[[Preferences Tools section]].
*[[Preferences Tools section]].

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The preferences dialog is used to edit preferences data of the Serious Editor.


Preferences data is stored in a profile folder. The default preferences data is stored in the 'Default' folder that can be found

  • in [...]\Steam\steamapps\common\Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter\UserData → SEd3.0 only
  • in [...]\Steam\steamapps\common\Serious Sam 3\UserData → SEd3.5 only
  • in [...]\Steam\steamapps\common\The Talos Principle\UserData → SEd4.0 only.

The profile to apply when starting the editor is stored in the file 'CurrentProfile.txt' in each of the above folders. Multiple profile folders can be created by changing the profile folder name in 'CurrentProfile.txt' (while the editor is closed). Starting the editor with a non-existent current profile folder name will prompt the editor to create such folder with default values for all preferences data.


Screenshot of Preferences dialog, Serious Editor 4.0.
Auto Recovery
  • Max backup files
Sets the number of maximum backup files for files currently in editing.
  • Browser instance data
StaticArray that saves display settings for each File List Dialog that has been opened.
  • Nil
  • Connections
StaticArray that defines display profiles for output group panels.
  • URL
Uniform resource locator for working in host/client environments.
  • Display name
Display name of the console tab in the output group.
  • Pattern matching
To do: Add description.
  • Connected
To do: Add description.
  • Local history
To do: Add description.
  • Visible messages
Defines which types of messages are displayed in the Output group panel.
  • Auto pop messages
To do: Add description.
  • Graphics API
Defines graphics interface.
  • Sound API
Defines sound interface.
  • Work panel layout
Defines the display mode of the editor window upon startup.
  • Naked work panel (no title bar)
Defines whether the editor window has a title bar.
  • Open last used document on startup
Defines whether the editor automatically opens the last used file upon startup.
  • MDI layout
Defines settings for the viewport in a multi-monitor environment.
  • Desktops
Defines the amount of displays on x and y axis in a multi-monitor environment.

Further settings

For information about the settings in sections go to