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The record path tool lets you record animation key frames in fly mode.

Keyboard shortcut: R

Screenshot of Record path tool Dialog, Serious Editor 4.0.

Record path tool Dialog

The dialog lets you define parameters of the recording that will start once OK is clicked:

Clean envelope
If key frames are inserted in a clean envelope or if key frames are inserted in an envelope with existing key frames.
From first frame
If the recording is started from the first frame or from the current frame.
Start time delay
Delay before recording starts after pressing OK in seconds.

Fly mode

Once the OK button of the Record path tool dialog is clicked, position and orientation of the view origin are changed to the origin of the selected envelope. Changes of the view origin are directly translated to the envelope origin. Recording starts after the delay defined in the dialog.

Recording Key Frames

During the recording only key frames can be be added to the envelope. Click LMB.png whenever a key frame is supposed to be inserted in the envelope.