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Serious Sam: Revolution Toolkit is a program used for making anything to that game. It serves as a place where all the tools releated to the game are stored. You can consider it as some sort of Source SDK for Serious Sam: Revolution.

The program itself has three tabs, which will help us to choose what tool we want to use:

  • Name - where the name of the tool is displayed.
  • Description - tells what the tool does, what it's used for.
  • File - what's the exact name of the file in the game directory.

Right now, we have a couple of the tools. Here is their list with some explaination:

  • Serious Sam: Revolution - the game itself.
  • Serious Editor - modified SE1 Editor for Serious Sam: Revolution. You can make or edit levels here, and also upload your content to the Steam Workshop. For more details about Steam Workshop in Serious Sam: Revolution, read Rev/Workshop article.
  • Serious Modeler - modified SE1 Modeler for Serious Sam: Revolution. You can make or edit existing models there.
  • Serious Ska Studio - modified SE1 Ska Studio. You can perform various ska model operations here.
  • Font Gen - Font Generator tool, which is used for converting fonts to Serious Sam: Revolution. These fonts can be used in your own HUD Theme and some other stuff.
  • Revolution Packer - Used for creating gro files. Works pretty much like 'Create .gro file' option in SE3, which means it also adds the files related to map to the gro file. It's a very useful option, because now when you want to publish your map, you don't have to worry about any missing files errors that players could get.