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The Serious Editor 3 and SDK

Welcome and enjoy the free Marsh Hopper Legs, they are free and this text is currently replacing an image that will eventually go here for something nice to look at.

Getting Started: An overview of SED3

modding ability

[brief history of editor (?)]

There was a first one which was really cool for it's day and then a second one that Croteam put a bunch of effort into but it always crashed and now there is a third one that totally kicks ass.

The original one was actually three separate programs. Now they are all compressed into one application and you can switch in between them with ease.
You also used to be able to make the whole map in just the world editor, this is now impossible, but results in a faster performing game.

Navigating the Editor

Navigation is identical to the previous two engines. The world space camera always looks at a world space point called the view port origin.
This allows Orthogonal view ports to Pan and Zoom the same as Perspective view ports, in relation to those view ports.
This systems means that if you move any one of the world space views, all other views will move with respect to it.

  • To Pan: Hold SPACE, then hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag the view port origin around in the world.
  • To Zoom: Hold SPACE, then hold the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and drag in and out to zoom into the origin.
  • To Orbit: Hold SPACE, then hold BOTH MOUSE BUTTONS and drag the camera around the view port origin's X and Y axis.
  • To Teleport: Hold SPACE, then double click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON at the desired new view port origin location.
  • To Telezoom: Hold SPACE and CONTROL, then LEFT CLICK or RIGHT CLICK to telezoom in and out, respectively.
  • To Fly: Press ESCAPE. The Perspective view port is now controlled using Default Serious Sam Controls.
    • To Move Fore & Aft: W, S
    • To Move Left & Right: A, D
    • To Move Up & Down: SPACE, F

Getting to Know the Editors

Animation Editor

Collision Editor

Destruction Editor

Material Editor

Mesh Editor

--Ease of use

  • Create Tab
    • Box
    • etc
  • UV Tab
    • hard to do this off memory

Skeleton Editor

World Editor

Programs used with SED3