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  • When I first start Serious Editor 3 Beta, I cannot click "Accept" on the license agreement. What gives?
This can happen on some (but not all) multi-monitor systems. You can usually work around this by temporarily disabling one or more additional monitors. This is a recent regression which will be fixed in the next update.
  • I've lost my menu bar/tool bar/status bar/... How can I bring them back?
Usually, there are options in the View menu to toggle various parts of interface. But if all else fails, you can always use the "nuclear" solution:
  1. exit editor
  2. delete the entire UserData/SamHD_TSE_SeriousEditor folder
  3. start editor again
This will reset absolutely all settings, including recent files, toolbars, etc.
  • Can I load my map from Serious Sam 1 into Serious Editor 3?
An exporter for SED1 exists and will be available for download soon. It will allow exporting of entity positions, meshes with shaders and most entity properties into ascii format files that SED3 can then import to recreate the major structure of the level. This is the tool that was used in in the first pass of conversion of TFE and TSE classics into the HD version.
  • Can I load my map from Serious Sam 2 into Serious Editor 3?
Not right now. If there is much interest we can enable a cvar that turns off file format checks and then you could try to load it, though most of the properties and shaders will be lost.