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In order to be able to play Serious Sam Classic (either First or Second Encounter) with a joystick or gamepad, one needs to load proper configuration for the current player in the "Options>Players and Controls>Customize Controls>Load Predefined Settings" menu.

The game comes with predefined settings for a few joysticks and gamepads that were the most used at the time the game shipped. Today, Xbox360-compatible gamepads are used in most cases, but they need a separate configuration. To resolve this problem, download this file: Media:Xbox360Controller.gro and put it into the root of the game installation (besides other .gro files).

This will result in 4 new configurations appearing in the aforementioned menu:

  • 06a-Xbox 360 Controller - 1
  • 06b-Xbox 360 Controller - 2
  • 06c-Xbox 360 Controller - 3
  • 06d-Xbox 360 Controller - 4

Each corresponds to an Xbox360-compatible controller in one slot. If you have only one gamepad, use the controller config #1. If you have two, use #1 and #2, etc.