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The Spawn marker is used for MultiPlayer game modes.

  • "added weapons" defines what weaponry the players will start with if they spawn on this marker.

Different markers can have different "added weapons" settings.

  • "ammo ratio" adds ammo, it's like a percentage of the max ammo for each weapon. 0 means 0 % and 1 means 100 %. For example you can have up to 50 rockets max for the Rocket Launcher, so an "ammo ratio" of 0.25 would result in starting with 12 rockets (25 % of 50). "ammo ratio" of 0.5 will give you 25 rockets (50 % of 50), and "ammo ratio" of 1 , will give you 100 % ammo, - 50 rockets.

Different markers can have different "ammo ratio" settings.

  • The two options below it define the health, and armor the player will have if he spawn on this marker. -1 means default 100 health and default 0 armor. Usually for MultiPlayer you don't want to give the players less than 100 health.

Different markers can have different settings.

  • "team" this is used to define witch players can spawn on this marker.
"all teams" , this is used for MultiPlayer game modes, that don't incorporate team play.Any player can spawn on this marker.
"red team" , this is used for game modes, that incorporate team play, obviously , only players that belong to the Red team will spawn on this marker.
"blue team" , I think you can figure this out , by your self.

  • "spawn flags" don't touch that, unless you know what you're doing. "spawn flags" defines on what game modes will said entity spawn, or be active.

For example, if you set only 'easy' on "Spawn flags" , the spawn marker will only work , if the Game Difficulty is set to 'easy' , if any other difficulty is chosen, players won't spawn on this marker. This is useful, because this way, you can have 4 sets of spawn markers, each set for each Game Difficulty.

Important Note: Never uncheck the flags "Cooperative Game Type" and "Death Match Game Type" , on a "Spawn Marker"

  • "name" this gives a name to the marker, doesn't matter what you name it.Could be anything.You could even name them like your pet cat, if you want.

  • "parent" unusable, for game play, but can be used for ease of editing.You can parent it to a model, and when you move that model, the marker will move along side with it.

  • "platforms" like "spawn flags" , but this define on witch platforms the marker will appear, PC , Xenon , Cell (what ever that thing is).

Notes: Usually there aren't more than 16 spawn markers for a map. But you can have as many as you want.

If you are planning your map, to be playable on team game modes and free roam, you'll have to add spawn markers for the teams, AND for every one. So you'll get 8 on "Red Team , 8 on "Blue team" and 16 on "All Teams" , phew , that's a lota markers.

Congratulations, you now know every thing, you need to know, to set spawn points for your multyplayer maps. Map On!