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CStaticSoundEntity Methods
Name Parameters Return Data Type Description
Name Data Type
GetSound - CBaseSound Returns the sound sample that is currently set on this sound source.
IsPlaying - BOOL Returns true if sound is playing of false if not.
PlayLooping - void Starts playing sound and repeats on end.
PlayLoopingFadeIn FadeInLength FLOAT void Starts playing repeating sound with fading in on the beginning.
PlayOnce - void Plays sound once.
PlayOnceWait FadeInLength FLOAT LatentFunctionID Plays sound once with fading in and out (specified parameters used to control fading length). Can be used as Wait(sound:PlayOnceWait(x,y)) to stop script until sound finished.
FadeOutLength FLOAT
SetSound Sound CBaseSound void Changes the sound sample that will be played when any of the play function are called.
SetSoundDelayed Sound CHAR void Obtains and sets the given sound.
SetVolume Volume FLOAT void Changes sound's playing volume.
Stop - void Stops playing sound.
StopLooping - void Stops playing looping sound.
StopLoopingFadeOut FadeOutLength FLOAT void Stop playing looping sound with fade out.