Stretch Animation Command

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The stretch animation command increases/decreases the number of frames of an animation without changing the animation length. The dialog that opens lets you enter the desired seconds per frame value. The animation parameters and frames are changed according to the desired frame duration while the length of the animation stays the same.

For instance, an animation with 60 frames and a frame duration of 1 second has a total length of 1 minute. If the animation is stretched by changing the frame duration to 0.5 seconds

  • the animation is adjusted to 120 frames, and
  • key frame positions are adjusted so that they appear at their original time index.

In effect, the animation and its key frames remain unaltered in terms of time but there is a higher number of frames to manipulate.

If, on the other hand, you want to stretch the animation in terms of length, edit the SecPerFrame property of the animation in the Animation panel.

Info 16x16.png Note: The frame bar is not adjusted to the altered frame count and has to be reinitialized manually (for instance by exiting and re-entering the animation editor).

Keyboard Shortcut: ⇧ Shift+S