TTP Map Tutorial: Architecture Part 2

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In this part of the tutorial we will

  • add an entrance to the outer wall of the puzzle area, and
  • add architecture to the puzzle area as a basis for the sigil puzzle.


Entrance Model

The entrance to the puzzle area should be located at the center of the front wall. Currently, a wall tile element is at this position which means we can simple change that SimpleModel's Model property:

1. Select (only) the center SimpleModel of the front wall positioned at (0, 0, 20).
2. Switch to the Entity panel of the Property group (Alt+1).
3. For the Model value at the top of the properties list browse with resource control to

The wall tile model has now been exchanged with the entrance model.

Sealing the Wall

On both sides of the entrance model the wall has to be sealed. So we have to a an approriately sized wall tile on each side. There are many ways to do that and you know the methods involved from the previous page. For this tutorial I take the clone approach because it doesn't require manual re-positioning of the entites that are added:

1. Select the column model on the left side of the entrance (position: (-4, 0, 20)).
2. Press Ctrl+⇧ Shift+O to activate the clone tool.
3. Toggle the Tools panel Q if necessary.
4. 'Number of clones' value = 1.
5. 'Offset.x' value = 1.
6. Move mouse over viewport and press D to deactivate the clone tool.
7. Toggle the Entity panel Alt+1.
8. For the Model property at the top of the entity list, use the resource control to browse to