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This template serves the purpose of standardizing the provision of information about entity properties. It is meant to be used when working in the properties section of entity pages.


To add property information on entity pages use the following syntax:

Property_Name (mandatory)
The name of the property you want to add information about. For uniformity purposes please copy the exact name of the property in the editor paying special attention to large and lower cases.
Property_Data_Type (optional)
Though optional please include at least the data type of the property. Again, please pay attention to large and lower cases.
Property_Description (optional)
If no description is given the property description will display as 'To do: Add description'.
Editor_Info (optional)
This parameter serves the purpose of identifying properties that are not available in all editors since Serious Engine 3.0. So far, the following options are availabe:
  • SEd3.0 only: use se=3 or se=3.0;
  • SEd3.5 only: use se=35 or se=3.5;
  • SEd3.5 or higher: use se=35+ or se=3.5+;
  • SEd4.0 only: use se=4 or se=4.0.
Outdated_Info (optional)
In the unlikely case of a property being outdated you can use outdated=1. This will display property name and data type in strikethrough mode.


The code


creates the following text:

Prop_Name (Prop_Data_Type)
SEd3.5 or higher


If you want to use a line break in the description use <br />:

{{P|Prop_Name|Prop_Data_Type|Prop_Description<br />{{Warning|Beware of this!}}|se=3}}

will create

Prop_Name (Prop_Data_Type)
SEd3.0 only

Warning 16x16.png Warning: Beware of this!