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Screenshot of 'Upload content to Steam workshop' dialog, Serious Editor 4.0.

This dialog is used to upload a .gro file to the Steam workshop. It provides the following options:

Content title (mandatory)
Edit the name you want the content to have in the workshop. The Packages button opens a dropdown menu displaying all your content packages in the workshop for updating uploaded files.
Content file (mandatory)
The Browse button opens a File List Dialog titled 'Select content file' that lets you choose the .gro file to be uploaded.
Preview image (mandatory)
The Browse button opens a File List Dialog titled 'Select preview image' that lets you choose the preview image that will be displayed with the uploaded workshop content.
Info 16x16.png Note: The only valid format for such image is JPEG.
The Select button opens a flag style dropdown menu that lets you choose multiple tags for the upload. Selected tags will be displayed in the tags line and will be checkmarked in the dropdown menu.
Lets you choose one of 'Private', 'Friends only', and 'Public' in a dropdown menu.
Room for a description of your content.

Once you have filled in mandatory information clicking the Upload button will upload your content. Info 16x16.png Note: If the upload doesn't start immediately click the upload again.

Guess what clicking Cancel will do ;)