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Screenshot of view options bar, Serious Editor 4.0.

The view options of the viewport are located at the top of the viewport.


This menu controls projection in the Viewport:

2D projection along Y axis from Y+
2D projection along Y axis from Y-
2D projection along Z axis from Z+
2D projection along Z axis from Z-
2D projection along X axis from X+
2D projection along X axis from X-
3D projection
Orthographic → SEd4.0 only
Orthographic 3D projection

Selection Display

Depending on the the active editor, this menu controls different features. For more information see Editors.

Field of View

SEd4.0 only
This menu controls the field of view in degrees.

Exposure Value

This menu controls the exposure value of the projection.

Info 16x16.png Note: The EV value can also be adjusted by pressing Space and moving MMB.png up or down.

Warning 16x16.png Warning: The EV set in this menu is also applied in-game.


Screenshot of Setings dropdown menu, Serious Editor 4.0.

This menu controls several Viewport settings:

View grid
Defines if the grid lines on the x/z plane are displayed.
View backdrop image
Defines if a background image is displayed in the viewport.
Backdrop image tools
The Backdrop image configurator activates the BackgroundConfigurator tool. This tool let's you define textures that can be displayed on the top side, the right side, and the back side of a box that is positioned and sized according to the settings that are also controlled by the tool. Purpose: unclear ;)
View custom lighting
To do: Add description
Probe in background
To do: Add description
Lighting tools
  • Light configurator:
Activates the LightConfigurator tool.
  • Set light target:
Sets the current view focus as light target.
Auto QuickDraw
Defines if Quickdraw is activated automatically. QuickDraw reduces rendering amount by changing render settings as specified in QuickDraw configuration.
Force QuickDraw
Forces activation of QuickDraw.
Configure QuickDraw...
Opens the QuickDraw configuration Dialog.
Configure view options...
Opens the Modify settings of active view Dialog.


This menu controls the render settings of the Viewport. For more information see Render Controls

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