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List of tags
Example of front workshop page.

Steam Workshop is a hub for all kinds of mods, levels and other fan-made resources.
If you are going to release something on Serious Engine - you are going to release it in workshop, so getting familiar with it and its entries is a good start.

Find something you like

As was said earlier, workshop has a huge amount of various works. Modders create survival levels, singleplayer/cooperative campaigns, weapon resources, player models, resource packs, localization mods, and more.
So just seeking through everything in order to find something special might be bothersome. But Steam Workshop has list of tags to sort mods.
Clicking on any of these (example to the right) results in filtering, which only shows mods which have this tag. Keep in mind though, that tagging mods is a modder's responsibility and they are not moderated in any way.

Info 16x16.png Note: After finding mod you like, you will meet the need of using it.
So follow "How to use mods in Serious Sam" guide by Soulmyr in order to not make mistakes.

Sharing your work

After you've created the level, you most likely will want to publish it in Steam Workshop. In order to do that, you need to pack all needed resources into a single .gro archive.
So here are the steps:

  1. Create a blank folder called Content.
  2. Copy over the folders that you've modified from the game's Content folder into the new one.
  3. Package the newly made Content folder into a zip file.
  4. Change the extension of the newly made zip archive from .zip to .gro.
  5. In menu app bar, go to File=>Upload content to Steam workshop.
  6. Click "Browse" near "Content file" line and select your newly created .gro file.
  7. Fill in all other fields respectively to your mod.
  8. Click "Upload" and enjoy your mod being in workshop.
Info 16x16.png Note: You may want to put your .gro files to <game>/Content/ folder. It will be easy to pack and unpack it for future updates.
Warning 16x16.png Warning: .gro files are exactly renamed .zip files. Renamig .rar or any other archive extensions will not work!
Info 16x16.png Note: You may want your mod to be noticed by others, to be decorated well in workshop. 
For that purpose, you can follow "Presenting your mod" guide by Soulmyr.

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