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As the name suggests, the world editor is the editor that is used to build worlds that can be accessed with Serious Engine. If you want to create maps for Serious Sam or the Talos principle you will spend most time in this editor.

In the world editor you can

  • see the status of the world file and its contents in the viewport,
  • add and delete entities to the world file,
  • position, rotate and stretch world entities in the viewport,
  • configure properties of all world entities in the property group,
  • execute baking procedures, and
  • run simulations.

World Editor Controls

When the world editor is activated, the controls at the bottom of the viewport look like this:

WorldEditor Controls.png

From left to right, the following controls are available:

Editor control (dropdown menu)
Displays the currently active editor. Is used to change from the world editor to another editor.
Editing object control (Entity / Sectors buttons)
Switches between editing entities and displaying visbility sectors.
Time control (Back / Pause / Forward buttons)
Activates and deactivates time mode. When time mode is activated animated entities such as characters and particle effects are animated in the viewport.
Entity control (dropdown menu)
Displays the name of the currently selected entity or the number of selected entities in case more than one entity is selected. Is used to select an entity from the dropdown menu that lists all world entities.

Editor-specific View Options

Screenhot of world editor-specific view options dropdown menu, Serious Editor 4.0.

View options are located at the top of the viewport. When world editor is activated, the second dropdown menu from the left has the content displayed in the screenshot on the right.

Defines if selected entities are outlined in the viewport.
Selection ranges
Defines if ranges of selected entities are displayed in the viewport.
Selection fill
Defines if selected entities are filled, i.e. if they are shaded in a purple color .
Selection targets
Defines if
  • entities targeted by the selected entities are indicated with a blue arrow, and
  • entities targeting the selected entities are indicated with a red arrow.

Editor-specific Property Group Panels

The following property group panels are only available when world editor is activated.

Entity panel
The entity panel of the property group displays all properties of the selected object. If more than one object is selected only those properties are displayed that are shared by all selected objects.
For more information see Entity Panel.
Sectors panel
The sectors panel of the property group displays
  • all visbility sectors of the world, and
  • all entities of the world.
Each sector lists all entities that touch it and each entity lists all sectors that it touches.The display can be altered by adding filters and sorting entries differently.
For more information see Sectors panel.

Editor-specific Tools

The command bar group holds numerous tools that are exclusive to the world editor. For more information see

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